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Abhishek Jagini is a spokesperson with the largest political party in India and a social activist, political commentator and a journalist. Abhishek has an MA in Good Governance and Public Policy from Sri Sri University and a post graduate diploma in journalism from SSCMS, Bangalore.

He is the founder of “Utthishta Bharatha”, an organization striving for building a better Nation. As a state coordinator of Andhra Pradesh, he led the Jan Lokpal movement under the leadership of Shri Anna Hazare.

Abhishek was also one among the youth leaders chosen by late former president Shri APJ Abdul Kalam as leaders of tomorrow and underwent training under Kalam’s visionary leadership as “Leaders of 2020”.

He represented India at the prestigious Shanghai Cooperation Organization Youth Leadership Forum at Omsk, Russia. Along with media, activism and politics he has deep interest in spirituality. He has authored the two books including ‘The Saga of Telangana’.

He is a faculty with the Art of Living and has been a follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji and volunteers in the activities of the foundation.

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