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Francisco Moreno Ocampo

Francisco is the Advisor in the Chief of Cabinet office in Argentina. He developed the ‘Education for Peace’ program in Mexico benefiting thousands of students. Also Francisco is known for his involvement in the peace agreement between the Colombian government and FARC rebels, initiated by global humanitarian and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is regular practitioner of Yoga and Meditation.

What is your inspiration to join politics?

There are a few disciplines that can help so many people and politics is one of this few. Politics means the matters of the cities, anything that we do in our neighborhood, city country or the world is politics. When it is practiced selflessly with capacity and commitment can bring many transformations in the world.

You were part of the historic mediation that restored the peace in Colombia. Please share your experience with us. What do you think was the special element about the peace talks?

It was a very special moment in my life where I could see how Sri Sri Ravi Shankar could build trust in a very short period of time and bring willingness for peace to FARC commanders. He is a perfect example of a person who is taking responsibility to bring peace for the whole world.

The government of Mexico has realized the importance of cultivating peace in the youth minds an identified the strength that art of living foundation tools have. Thousands of students and teachers have been benefited with the breathing and meditation techniques.

Education needs a reform. The world has totally changed in the last 20 years and it will continue to change. Learning by memorization is no longer needed in today’s world. The development of technology will continue and people who do not know how to use and create technological tools will lag behind. Computers and robots will be able to take tasks that were previously done by humans. We need to think what we need to develop as human beings that computers are not able to develop. Innovation, critical thinking, art and coaching are some examples. Mostly we need to learn how to have wellness in our body and mind.

What is your vision for Argentina? What are the major challenges facing Argentinean society and what are the solutions to propose.

Argentina is one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources. Less than 5% of India population lives in a land almost the same size. However, we had many problems to create sustainable growth. Our national soccer team has some of the best players in the world but still we were not able to win a big tournament in the last 25 years. We need to learn how to collaborate more. Agree on some basic principles and follow them for a long period of time.

We see that you are into spirituality, how has it impacted your thinking especially in policy making?

Spirituality let’s you understand that wellness is above economic growth. It’s not always the same. Also you are more aware of your ego and realize what is better for the people you are trying to serve.

Climate change is clearly a global challenge. If we don’t work together we will all suffer the consequences. One world family is not only a good intention but also a fact. We are a family and need to take care of our home.



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